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FAMU, New 800-Bed Dormitory Facility
Tallahassee, Florida
Owner: Florida A&M University
This project consisted of a new 6-story, 245,000 s.f., 800 bed residence hall located at the FAMU campus in Tallahassee, FL.

Overlooking Bragg Memorial Stadium, the new dormitory facilities are intended to create a fresh campus gateway and promote positive patterns for future campus development. Based on a mixed-use model, the design includes several community rooms on each floor and provides university use spaces at ground level. In addition to spaces contained within the structures, the buildings themselves create a series of courtyard spaces culminating in a central plaza, envisioned to become a hub of campus activities overlooking the stadium and campus amenities. The exterior venues coupled with a large green space behind the dormitory provide great opportunities for student interaction and campus events.

The building itself houses 800 single-occupied bedrooms with two bedrooms sharing a bathroom space. It is constructed of a precast concrete floor system bearing on structural steel and concrete masonry walls, with an architectural brick veneer and cast stone system that complements the surrounding architecture. The room interiors are painted drywall with vinyl composition tile floors, and the rooms are conditioned by energy efficient fan coil units. The building also houses computer labs, community rooms, and additional study lounges.
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