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SUNY, 600 Bed Residence Hall
Stony Brook, New York
Owner: Dormitory Authority - State of New York
New six-story 175,000 s.f. 600 Bed Residence Hall (Kelly Quad and Roosevelt Quad, each containing 300 beds) includes lounge areas, small kitchens and student laundry rooms which are located on the ground floor.

This facility consists of three major components located in different areas of the project. The first is a 600 bed student residence facility. This portion of the building consists of 104 suite style apartments divided between two seperate residences, which are physically seperated from one another, connected only at the upper floors by an enclosed bridge.

The second component consists of common spaces, which serve both the quad and the college. Spaces include offices and conference rooms for faculty and student services and seminar rooms on the first floor of the Kelly section of the building, which is approximately 8,000 s.f.

The third component is a seperate, but attached structure, approximately 11,500 s.f., which houses a cafe and lounge on the first floor and a 350 person meeting room on the second floor. This larger space is divisible into four smaller meeting rooms and provides flexibility using sound attenuating moveable partitions.

This project required the implementation of environmental goals, which included achieving at a minimum LEED NC v2.2 Silver Building Certification.
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