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SUNY, Mendelson Quad Rehabilitation
Stony Brook, New York
Owner: Dormitory Authority - State of New York
This project involved the complete rehabilitation of four existing, three-story dormitories at the State University of New York campus. In total, 300,000 s.f. of space was renovated, including six hundred dormitory rooms, thirty gang bathrooms, corridors, lobby areas, student lounges, kitchens, R.E. apartments, offices, and mechanical rooms. In each dorm room, the existing wardrobe units were modified and refurbished. All walls were extensively patched and repaired and then painted. New lighting, fire alarms, telecommunications and computer wiring were then installed. All corridors were completely refurbished with new sheetrock over the existing substrate. Cable trays were installed above the ceiling to access the telecommunications work. All gang bathrooms were modified.
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