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The Bunker Building Rehabilitation
Ybor City, Florida
Owner: Joseph Kokolakis & Dale Swope
The Bunker is part of a joint venture between the Federal Highway Administration and the Florida Department of Transportation in cooperation with the City of Tampa. This single story 1,400 s.f. building, initially constructed in 1926, was once a café’ for the resident Cuban cigar rollers. Through the years it has evolved from a local café’ to a place of refuge for local Veterans to sit back and enjoy a few rounds, hence the name The Bunker. As time past, this local gathering place became neglected and ran down.

However, through recent historic preservation programs, the Ybor City Museum was able to work with the City of Tampa in having The Bunker literally plucked from the depths of darkness and relocated to the beautiful historic district of Ybor City. Upon arriving at The Bunker’s new home, historic renovation operations began to unfold. J. Kokolakis Contracting, Inc. led the charge in performing a complete historic renovation to breath life back into The Bunker. This historic renovation would consist of a custom stainless steel bar and associated casework, exposed framed structures, covered entrance canopy, and a beautiful open patio to serve as a relaxing place to have a glass of wine. This major undertaking not only got The Bunker back on its feet again but The Bunker’s ability to bring people together for drinks and good times was brought back to life. The rebirth of The Bunker has drawn much positive attention to the historic district of Ybor City.
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