Air Traffic Control Tower and TRACON FacilityAviation Support FacilityConcessions Receiving & Distribution CenterDelta Boston ShuttleDelta GSE Cargo Bldg #28 & #34 RenovationsFAA, Air Traffic Control Tower Facility and BaseFAA, Airport Traffic Control Tower and BaseMacDill AFB, Air Traffic Control TowerMacDill AFB, AT/FP GatesMacDill AFB, Fire Crash Rescue StationNAVFAC, Joint Air Traffic Control TowerTIA, Airport Rescue and Firefighting FacilityTIA, Airport Surveillance RadarTIA, Landside Terminal Renovation U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Renovation Housing
U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Renovation
Clearwater, Florida
Owner: U.S. Coast Guard
This project entailed the construction of six new buildings, the renovation of two existing buildings, and substantial amount of new road and site concrete work. Of the six new buildings, three were constructed of structural steel and masonry with standing seam roofs. The other three were masonry buildings with wood trusses and standing rib roofs. There were also two concrete/masonry additions to the existing aircraft hangars. A formed in place, 12 in. deep, 75 ft. x 100 ft. concrete storage tank, topped with hollow-core plank and a 2 in. concrete topping, was also constructed for the storage of the AFFF fire suppression fluid.
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