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MacDill AFB, Fire Crash Rescue Station
MacDill AFB, Florida
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
This project consisted of the construction of New Fire Crash Rescue Station adjacent to the runway at MacDill AFB. The site work consisted of the installation of concrete encased duct-bank raceways for airfield lighting controls, power and communications. Water service was provided from a 6 in. main line located over one-half mile away. The earth below the foundations and slabs was supported utilizing a new technique called CSV. This system consists of over 3,500 6 in. grout columns with three layers of geo-grid material acting as a load transfer blanket below the foundations and slabs. The structure consists of cast-in-place concrete foundations, masonry walls and structural steel columns and joists. The roof is standing seam metal on top of corrugated metal deck. The resident side of the facility consists of nineteen bed quarters, kitchen, locker rooms, training rooms and administration offices. The apparatus side of the facility consists of seven bays to house various fire rescue equipment. Each bay is equipped with glass roll-up doors and smoke evacuation systems.
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