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MacDill AFB, Air Traffic Control Tower
MacDill AFB, Florida
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
This project consisted of the complete construction of a new twelve-story Air Traffic Control Tower at MacDill AFB. The structure consists of 100 auger-cast piles, 5 ft. thick concrete mat foundation, precast walls and floors with a topping slab. The exterior pre-cast panels have an integral color and are sealed with structural caulking. The interior consists of light gage framing, drywall, paint, tile, acoustical ceilings, wallcovering and cabinetry. This facility requires a dedicated fire pump and tanks system for building fire-protection requirements. The new tower was constructed adjacent to the existing out-dated tower. All existing tower operations remained in operation while the new tower was completed. Upon completion of the new tower, the existing tower was abated for asbestos and lead contamination and then completely demolished.
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