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Delta GSE Cargo Bldg #28 & #34 Renovations
LaGuardia International Airport (LGA), New York
Owner: Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Renovation of the 11,300 s.f. GSE Cargo Building #28 included the following: offices for reception, general managers, contract managers and supervisors, restrooms, break rooms, locker rooms, manual rooms, multiple storage rooms including parking storage, tire storage area, live animal storage, fluids storage and tool storage, as well as electrical and communication closets.

The project also included existing utility relocations and replacements, relocation of existing equipment from Hanger #2 as well as the partial re-paving and new pavement markings around the 26,463 s.f. site.

Interior Renovation of the 4,380 s.f. Building #34 included the following: truck maintenance area, stock room, locker and break room, offices, restrooms, drive aisles, tool areas, welding areas, wash bays and maintenance bays.

The project also included the installation of new fire suppression systems, plumbing systems, mechanical systems, and new electrical, communication and electronic safety and security systems.
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